Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cheap HTC Droid Incredible Black Smartphone ($100) - Verizon Wireless

Cheap HTC Droid Incredible Black Smartphone ($100) - Verizon Wireless
A huge leap forward from my previous Blackberry. The touch keyboard is excellent--almost good enough to forget it doesn't have a real keyboard. The HTC version of Android 2.1 is fabulous and glitch-free. I had a small learning curve but now get around great. Sound quality is very good (you do make calls don't you?)--earpiece, speaker and bluetooth, as well as the music through a headset.

The camera is killer good. Remember all those times you wished you had a real camera instead of taking a lousy cell-phone camera picture--not now!. The phone is way fast and cool looking. The display is gorgeous. Most of the apps from the Google Market have been very good and getting better. Also, you can do multiple things at one time--very cool.

Battery life isn't spectacular but you can make it better by making sure nothing extraneous is running. Use appkiller (free) from the market to see what's running and turn off what you don't need. You'll want to be charging if you need more than a few minutes of wi-fi time as that seriously drains the battery. Battery must be charged daily. Incoming calls are often lost when screen lock will not move down to receive call. You must be careful with what is downloading unless you have unlimited plan. When adjusting the ring sound level you only hear a 'pop' and not the song or ringtone associated with it, so you don't know how loud the ring will be. Lots of Apps and widgets to install and fairly fast downloads when connected to a wi-fi site.

Strength: Sound quality, software, killer camera
Weakness: You have to pay attention to your battery

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